What is BITSA?

BITSA uses advanced DNA technology to identify the breed/s of your dog. A simple cheek swab from inside your dog's mouth enables the collection of cells for DNA extraction. Your dog's DNA is then referenced against our extensive list of breed signatures, giving your dog its unique breed make-up. Click here to view the official BITSA website.

Breed Identification Made Easy

Safe and painless, the non-invasive cheek swab test is easy to complete and can be done in the comfort of your home. Simply rub the supplied cotton swabs on the inside of your dog’s cheek, place it in the sleeve provided and put the sample in the mail and your BITSA results will be sent back to you.

BITSA Benefits

  • Identifies the breeds that make up your dog
  • Offers insight into behaviour and personality
  • Uncovers potential health issues
  • Applies a simple, safe and non-invasive sampling method
  • Gives you the assurance of knowing who your dog really is
  • Enables you to form an even closer bond with your loved pet

Your Dog's Breed History Revealed

Your BITSA results will be presented to you in a detailed Dog Breed Specificity Report covering all of the key features which make up your dog’s breed, including:

A listing of the breeds detected, broken down into primary (parent), secondary (grandparent) and distant (great grandparent) and a comprehensive analysis of each breed highlighting: Historic profile, behavioural traits, physical characteristics and general health issues.

In addition to the Dog Breed Specificity Report, your pack will also include an official test results certificate.