Benefits of DNA Testing

  • DNA profiling provides an owner with their dog’s unique DNA identity.
  • DNA profiling establishes an accurate and reliable permanent record of any identity for any dog.
  • It confirms that pedigrees are correct and guarantees puppy buyers that pedigrees are accurate.
  • It can be used in cases of multiple sires and can determine and verify the sire in any litter.
  • It can verify parentage when using a stud service thus eliminating the doubt, which surrounds unobserved stud services.
  • It can verify and guarantee semen to be used for artificial insemination.
  • It can put to rest any issues of breeding disputes over parentage.
  • Hereditary disease tests allow for accurate diagnosis of disease status of your dog (clear, carrier or affected).
  • Enjoy peace of mind and accurate results. Animal Network conduct all of our tests using the latest DNA technology in our purpose-built genetic testing laboratory.

Genetic Management

DNA profiles are individual specific and allow for verification of a dog’s pedigree no matter how “line-bred” the pedigree. Through our ‘Genetic Management’ service, we are able to offer a program that;

  • Confirms and/or establishes pedigree relationships
  • Measures the level of genetic variation and inbreeding
  • Identifies genetically distinct lineages within the population and establish which individual belongs to which lineage
  • Model the change in genetic variation and inbreeding in future generations
  • Make breeding recommendations will maintain low levels of inbreeding