Online Ordering Process

This is the process you need to follow when ordering tests online. Online ordering not only saves you money but is quicker and enables you to securely pay via eWay, a trusted online payment gateway.

Before you start this process you can get an accurate quote of the total cost of testing using our pricing calculator. You will also require a printer as the forms you fill out will need to be printed, signed and returned with the collection kits. Please also read our terms and conditions of sale.

1. Order Kits: You will need a DNA collection kit for each dog you wish to get tested. If you do not have the correct amount of collection kits then you can order them for free here. You cannot proceed with the online order unless you have a DNA collection kit for each dog, order a couple of extra kits just to be sure. Once you have the kits proceed to the next step.

2. Pay Online: Now you are ready to start the online ordering process, make sure you have your credit card handy. Put your dogs into groups which will undertake the same combination of tests and complete the pricing calculator. Once you have completed the calculator you will be prompted to save your quote and pay online. Do so to continue with the online ordering process.

3. Print Receipt: Once payment has been completed you will be asked to print out the receipt which will also contain the quote for your testing. It is important that this receipt is sent back to Animal Network in one of the collection kits. You should also print a copy for your own records.

4. Complete Forms: You will now be prompted to start filling out the online forms. You will need to complete and print an online form for each dog you wish to be tested. After you complete each form, print and sign it. You may also want to print an additional copy for your own records. You can continue an order here if there are any issues during the completion of the forms. Once you have completed a form for each dog proceed to the next step.

5. Collect DNA: If you wish to use an authorised collector, take your completed forms, receipt and kits to your chosen collector and they will complete the process for you. Otherwise use one form and collection kit at a time and swab your dogs. Make sure that you place the supplied barcode stickers on each swab and the printed form. Discard the form included in the kit. It is imperative that you only use one kit at a time and ensure the barcode on the form matches the barcode on the swabs for each dog. After you have collected DNA from all your dogs proceed to the next step.

6. Send To Animal Network: Once you have completed all the forms, printed and signed them, collected the DNA and placed the barcode stickers on the forms and swabs you can now send all the kits back to Animal Network for processing.