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The pricing calculator has been designed, as an easy way to work out how much your testing will cost. It takes into account the discounts offered for testing more than one disease and/or testing of more than one dog.

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1. Put your dogs into groups which will undertake the same combination of tests. For example if you have four dogs, three of which will require a PRA and Profiling (group 1) and the other requires just a Profile (group 2) then you will have two groups.

2. For each group, choose how many dogs are in it and then select the required tests. Simply selecting the required number of coat colour loci will let us know the test is required.

3. After you have filled out the calculator click on the calculate button and a breakdown of the pricing will be displayed, including all relevant discounts.

4. If you wish to continue with the order please read the process for online ordering.

Parentage and Clear By Parentage Testing

If you require parentage testing or clear by parentage testing then select PROF (profiling) and complete the parentage section of the forms at a later stage. Ensure all dogs included in a parentage test have a profile. Once the required animals have a profile the parentage analysis and report are free.