Canine Profiling / Genetic Fingerprint

Every report for a Canine DNA profile is provided as a Certificate of DNA Analysis. This certificate provides specific information such as registration number, name, pet name and microchip number.

Each certificate is watermarked for authenticity. More importantly it shows the dog’s unique DNA profile at 11 canine specific markers thus demonstrating that the dog has been DNA profiled.

Owners need to be aware that this is not a parentage report. Parentage reports will be generated (no extra charge) once the dam and sire of the dog have been DNA profiled. In some cases further markers (Panel 2) may need to be run to confirm parentage. Panel 2 consists of a further 12 markers (including a K9 sex marker).


Certified Results... what does it mean?

Reports and certificates are issued clearly stating whether results are ‘Certified’ – Yes or No. The programme focuses heavily on ensuring sample integrity at the time of collection.

If samples have been collected by an approved Collection Officer (all vets and nominated ANKC members) and identified by Positive ID, as set out under the program protocols, then results are distributed as Certified - Yes.

If at the time of sample collection the dog did not have a microchip number and/or was not collected by an approved Collection Officer the results appear as Certified – No. Owners have the option of resubmitting another sample for Certification at a later date once the dog is micro-chipped, or an authorised Collection Officer has collected the sample. This may involve an extra cost as it requires another sample collection and re-testing (DNA profile) to confirm the original profile. In certain cases, written information on ACPAP forms may be difficult to read and incorrect details will appear on the certificate. If this is the case, please contact us for any corrections required.