Animal Forensic Testing

Animal Network offers a range of animal forensic DNA testing services. We are Australia's only NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory for forensic canine DNA analysis in criminal or forensic investigations.

Animal DNA testing can be of critical importance in a forensic case, as humans often cohabitate or interact with animals. Transfer of DNA from hair, saliva, blood, or faeces can occur during a crime, from an animal to a suspect, crime scene or victim. In a forensic case animals can be the victim, the perpetrator or a witness to a crime.

The Animal Network Animal Forensics Course aims to provide exemplary animal forensic science education. Learn how to Recognise, Recover, and Record DNA evidence in an animal forensic investigation. The course is ideal for council rangers concerned with animal welfare/ control, or those Veterinarians involved in areas where animal attacks are reported. The course qualifies for Continuing Education Credits for Veterinarians.

Animal Forensic Testing applications can include: