DNA Disease & Trait Tests

DNA testing offers many opportunities for breeders and pet owners alike. Hereditary disease testing can allow for accurate diagnosis of disease status of your dog (clear, carrier or affected). Testing for hereditary diseases helps to create a clearer picture for the future health and happiness of your animals. Market your pedigree dogs as "disease free", provide puppy buyers with disease free DNA papers and PROOF and eradicate genetic diseases from your breeding in 'one' breeding cycle.

These are the tests Animal Network currently offers:

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Test Name
Description of Disease/Trait
Natural Bob Tail
Genetic mutation causing bone distortion
Natural bobbed tails (a natural shortening of the coccyx or tail bone) occurs in several species. The gene that causes the bobtail generally produces no obvious effects other than the shortened tail, when seen in the heterozygous condition, though various levels of penetrance are seen. However when this gene for bobtails appears in it's dominant homozygous form, it becomes a lethal allele at the embryonic level and usually results in small litter sizes as homozygous dominant pups do not survive.$100more information
Von Willebrand's Disease (Type 1)
Blood Clotting Disorder
Type I vWD is characterized by low concentrations of structurally normal vWF, but tends to be a milder and more variable form.$125more information